All it takes are some creative elements to make a photo really unique and have a fun angle to it.

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to make a photo exciting. The photos that are in this post are super simple but they have those elements that make them stand out. Water is a great way to add to this effect. While Hydro flasks are known to not sweat, it makes the image have more texture and great shadows.



I love this photo because of the way the sugar cascades off the strawberry. It draws your eye all the way down to the bottom of the photo. Yes, this strawberry is levitating 😉 Jk there was a piece of wood holding it in place but I wanted to make mine more original so I photoshopped it out.












This waterdrop was such fun! You should have seen the setup. To get different colors, there was paper with a design on it, above the water that was reflecting to make the waterdrop more interesting. Super simple right?




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