Hi friends!

Center Stage is up and running and it is going great! With this being my 6th semester being apart of the marketing board, I do know my way around. I’m so grateful to have been doing this so long and to have met so many incredible artists.

Our first show was with the BYU Young Ambassadors. They are a very talented group of students who can sing and dance very professionally. There are so many words to describe this performance. Incredible is at the top of the list. They caught your attention at the very beginning with The Greatest Showman number and ended the show with a very spiritual rendition of I Am a Child of God.

For this show, I was able to shadow the director backstage. This included helping set up dinner, meeting the group and eating dinner with them, and helping take down. Helping backstage for this particular event was so special for me because I LOVE musical theatre. These students understood my level of love for the arts and it also helped that they were my same age. Since they’re from Provo and I’m from Utah county, we had many mutual friends which helped me to become good friends so fast. This show was for sure the best Center Stage experience I have ever had.

My new friend Summer!

Maren and Alex know my sister Abby so it was so fun to connect with them!















Other fun projects have included making a video of the seasons line up for Center Stage’s Instagram. Check it out! Our next artist is Bryan Terrall Clark, a Broadway artist! He has been most recently seen in Hamilton playing George Washington. I can’t wait to hear him sing Hamilton songs! I created Instagram stories to highlight his career and to help the students learn more about him. Those will go up on Friday.

Check back in a few weeks to look at what exciting things happen in Center Stage!