Project Description

My project was being involved with Center Stage for BYU-Idaho. Being on the board for Center Stage consists of market, organize, and coordinate BYU-Idaho performances, working with other campus organizations to market and promote events, lead team in working on ad campaigns and hold meetings.

The reason I chose this project is because I’ve done Center Stage for 5 semesters and I’ve learned so much about event management, which is what I want to do when I graduate. I love knowing what goes on behind the scenes and with helping at these events I get to do that and learn what it takes to make an event a success. Helping with events like these really strikes an interest to me because I do theatre so being involved with theatre like events gets me really excited. Being in this kind of environment helps to feel like I am still involved in the arts while not being on stage myself.  A skill that I have gained over the years is learning how to think creatively and learn how to promote these events. Approaching the right audience is a big part of having the event be a success. But catching their eye to come to this event is another challenge that I am still learning to come up with ideas to have it be appealing to them.


BYU Young Ambassadors

The first event of the semester was the BYU Young Ambassadors. This was for sure my favorite event all season. They are a very talented group of students who can sing and dance very professionally. There are so many words to describe this performance. Incredible is at the top of the list. They caught your attention at the very beginning with The Greatest Showman number and ended the show with a very spiritual rendition of I Am a Child of God.

For this show, I was able to shadow the director backstage. This included helping set up dinner, meeting the group and eating dinner with them, and helping take down. Helping backstage for this particular event was so special for me because I love musical theatre. These students understood my level of love for the arts and it also helped that they were my same age. Since they’re from Provo and I’m from Utah county, we had many mutual friends which helped me to become good friends so fast. This show was for sure the best Center Stage experience I have ever had.

Below are pictures of me with some of the members of the group. Maren, Alex and Summer all know my sister so it was really fun to make that connection.

Ben Rector

Ben Rector was such a great concert. He is pretty famous and we don’t often get famous people in Rexburg so we were all really excited about him coming. His opener, Cody Fry was so talented. He was so fun to have on stage and I loved the stories that he told to connect with the audience. When Ben came out the crowd went wild! He has great hits that everyone knows so it was an awesome experience.


In past semesters, I have been one to design a lot of posters or flyers. But this semester I created a lot of social media content and video footage to go on our social media.

See captions below for details.

I made 5 of these countdown images for Instagram stories to get the word out about Ben Rector.

I made this to go at our booth to announce the Date Night Giveaway we were doing to promote Bryan Terrall Clark.


















I made a few video content to be but on social media, booths, or at events. All of these videos were made in iMovie. Links below.

Ben Rector Marketing Clip: Click here

Old Friends Photo Video: Click here

Announcing Winter 2020 season: Click here

Process & Challenges

With being on the board multiple times before, I wanted to get a more professional outlook of Center Stage. It helped that for my job I worked for the same person who is the faculty mentor over Center Stage. I was able to be apart of the discussion with new artists coming for future semesters, learn about how the select and get contracts for each of the artist and I was able to vet a few artists that are being considered to perform in future years.

A challenge I did have to learn how to deal with was working with other who have different design styles. When I created the valentines day give away post (seen above), another girl was supposed to do a social media post that would look similar to each other. They looked really opposite. Since she created hers first I tried to tie it into each other but I was having a hard time. The one thing that I took from that post to tie it together was the color of the body font. With working with my director to create this she was okay with the content not being super similar but professionally designed.


I will always be grateful for Center Stage for giving me the love and experience to do events. If I hadn’t joined this marketing board 2+ years ago, who knows where I would have gotten this experience from. I learned how to market for concerts in a professional setting. I learned how to better my design skills to create posters, fliers, videos, etc. I learned how to help backstage with the artists and learn what a director role is like. The list goes on and on.

I love entertainment, events, and the stage so it couldn’t have been a better place for me.