Learning to use textures can help bring your photo to the next level.

When deciding which textures to do for which photo I looked for an element that I could find in a texture. For example the Frankenstein photo, he has his hands to his head because he’s frustrated. Or it could mean he’s being crushed. That’s when I got the inspiration to use this crumbled paper texture. Having the texture around his head with the red light shining behind it creates a stressed look. Which I think adds to the photo and tells a story.























For Cruella de Vil, she’s all about herself and making herself look fabulous. So why not choose a fabulous texture? This texture screams Hollywood to me so I was very excited when I found it. I wanted her face to be pretty clear of the texture while the rest of her covered in the lights to give her a really powerful presence in the picture.





















This photo depicts the model as hard-working and strong. When I came across this cement, drywall texture I really liked it. To me, it tells the story of a strong woman breaking through the cracks in achieving her goals.


















Click here to find free textures from the website I used!

Also, I’ll add this fun photo I was editing that I wanted to share with all of you. What do you think? The clouds and dark fill were added in photoshop not by a texture.