Creating my brand was a self-reflecting experience. Launching Noelle & Company is something I am so excited about and can’t wait to share it.

To start getting ideas I went to Pinterest. Looking at different color schemes, logo styles, pricing sheets etc. Forest green is my favorite color so I knew I wanted to include that in my color scheme. I do like clean and clear logos so I looked for cute but simple fonts. Thus creating my brand – Noelle & Company.

Noelle & Company is a mix of passions. From photo to design, to sharing experiences on our blog. We draw inspiration that nothing is impossible and that dreams can be realized. The mission of Noelle & Company is to live your dreams. I never thought I would become a photographer, but not getting discouraged and believing in my skills is what lead me to where I am.

The reason I chose Noelle as my name brand is because Noelle is my middle name #christmasbaby. But no one ever knows that that is my middle name so why not have your photography brand be your name? I’ve really enjoyed sharing my love for photography through my middle name.



Color Scheme



MaddieFillmore-Mock-Up-mug-logo MaddieFillmore_TShirt-Mock-Up

Business Card