My time in Comm 316 at BYU-Idaho has been more than rewarding. I am the photographer I am because of the skills I’ve learned throughout this semester.

This post is displaying my top favorite photos I have taken over the past three months in my Comm 316 class. The photoshoot I had the best experiene at was the one I put together for my final project. My Broadway-inspired shoot was so much fun for me. I want to be a theatre photographer someday and this shoot gave me a much better idea of what that opportunity could be like.

Eurydice from Hadestown – Model: Cheliece Ko




Elle Woods from Legally Blonde – Model: LaShae Roylance




Orpheus from Hadestown – Model: Colter Hinckley



Food photography is definitely my second favorite photography. The detail that comes from getting close up shots of food is amazing! I also love the vibrant colors with different food combined. These were all taken during an excursion I went on to the Tetons with my class. That is where we had a big photoshoot with all different setups to learn how to photograph food.




Portrait photography is always a great skill to have. A photoshoot we had for my Comm 316 class was at The Venue in Rigby, Idaho. We had models come dressed in Halloween costumes, fitness attire, and fashion. Finding creative angles is what I think makes portraits so unique and can tell a story.




Landscape photography is such a powerful art. The sites you can capture in one image are so inspiring to me. Now when I look at a landscape photo, I analyze it wondering what angle their body was at, lens, time of day, location, everything. I look forward to learning more about landscape photography in the future.




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