Product photography was fun to play with. Finding that creative angle and set up of the products is what I learned from this project.

Can’t you just smell this photo? Take me to Hawaii now, please! The texture of the water on the Bed Bath and Body Works lotion and loofah helps the objects stand out.


Love me some waterdrops! Even though Hydro Flasks don’t create concentration, it still looks super cool in this photo.


Cutest little things! The brown wood really helps these two products stand out. I added the towel in the background to add some texture and more color.


Green is my favorite color. If I found a way to use that color in a picture, I did. My friend had these super cute classes on and when playing with greenery this is what we came up with. I loved how it focused on the branding on the side of the classes. It focuses your eyes right to the glasses.


Indoor Product Photography Ideas: Arvo Watch