It’s the time of year to do spooky things so why not do a Halloween photoshoot with your friends?

Taking the skills I’ve learned in the past is what inspired this photoshoot. Bringing only a few things like a tool and other clothing was all it took to take the photo.

Earlier that day, my friends and I did a scarecrow photoshoot as friends and so we took this as an opportunity to take some scary photos as well. We took these photos at the Corn Maze in Rexburg Idaho. All that was needed for this photo was a chair and a little editing. Shoutout to my babe Ashlyn Jones!


I tried to make this photo as creepy as I could. I watched a video on youtube (links below) on how to add some creepy effects. It all included add layers and using my brush tool. My girl Aubree slayed this shoot!



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