Branding with Portraits

Taking time to use a portrait shoot to take some great branding photos is always a good idea. You know what doors it might open.

Showing the skill that you can take any photo and make it into a brand looks great in a portfolio. Find objects that the model is wearing to get close up’s. Or bring your own products for the models to use. With the ones I took, they already had the products. So I either had to label a brand to that photo or use the brand they were already wearing.




MaddieFillmore-gucci- ad-be-bold-venue-rigby














Accessory Branding








Venue Branding





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I’ll Be There For You!

When friends come together it is always a good time. I definitely had the Friends theme song stuck in my head while taking these photos.

Group photos are so fun! Candid shots can tell a fun story especially when it’s with friends. With big groups like this, you want to make sure that everyone is in place where you want them to be. A photo could be great until someone isn’t looking at you, or someone’s hair looks funny. Making sure you do a full-body check of everyone will help you get the winning shot.




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Beautiful Women – Rexburg Style

Women are icons. Capturing these beautiful women was an incredible experience.

These women were all beautiful so it was super easy to get great shots of them. When I was editing, I was having a really hard time to know what to change. The photo already looked so good and I didn’t want to mess it up with changing anything. So I learned to just play. Moving the slider around doesn’t make the image permanent, it helps give you a new perspective of the photo. Also having a new set of photographer’s eyes look at the images will help too. Shout to my mom 😉










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Sexiest Men Alive – Rexburg Edition

These men were so great to work with. I learned that to have a more successful time taking photos you need to be personable with the model.

These men were great models! I loved learning to use different lighting types to get great shadows. With taking portraits, I find that putting them in poses that will best show their features is the way to go. All of these men were so natural so it made my job so easy! Also, don’t be afraid to use black and white. Whenever I would be stuck on how to edit a photo I would try it in black and white and it became a whole new photo.











Beautiful Shots are Everywhere!

As a photographer, you need to be able to find creative angles anywhere. Being in a beautiful place makes that really easy.

While we were staying at the Tetons, we stayed in a beautiful cabin called Sky Mountain Lodge. The property had so many beautiful views. We could see the Tetons from our cabin! You could easily just walk around and find a great place with beautiful colors. This taught me that you can get beautiful photos anywhere. Thinking of those creative angles helps you to take great pictures of everything.




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Golden & Blue Hour Tips

Golden and blue hour is the perfect time to take photos no matter where you are.

Use Manual with ISO 100 – 200 and aperture of f/16-22. It’s important to plan ahead and know what you are wanting to shoot during those hours. You’ll make better use of your light and get amazing shots. To determine what time golden & blue hour is, you’ll want to check when the sunrise and sunset is. Behind at the Tetons, I got wonderful shots with golden and blue hour. Having beautiful scenery helps a lot.




Here’s an article to learn more about golden and blue hour!


Grand Teton National Park

Having the chance to finally go to the Tetons was such an amazing experience. I am in LOVE with mountains and seeing the beauty of the Tetons really blew me away.

When we first drove into the park, I had just woken up from a nap. So when I woke to see those gorgeous mountains, my eyes couldn’t take in the beauty. I’ve seen mountains my whole life living in Utah and my mind was blown. I couldn’t stop staring! My jaw was on the floor! Definitely my favorite day of shooting.





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Light Painting Pt. 2

Another way to do light painting is by using other light tools than just a flashlight to paint your subject.

Learning how to use different light tools was so fun! We got to do the light painting as well as be light painted (hopefully that made sense). Anyways! The trick is to do have similar settings as light painting in general; ISO 200; f/11;  30″. Then instead of painting objects, you paint people and also paint using light tools.

To do both at the same time, you either shine the person first or last (doesn’t matter) for 7-10 seconds or so. Then use the light tool to create cool effects like these.






Videos on how to do light painting: Light Painting Tutorial


Painting but with Light?

You heard me right. Light painting. One of the most creative things you can do with photography.

This technique is a hard one to get on the first try. The trick is to know where you should shine the light to create the best shadows. But also enough to make your objects seen.

Tips and tricks you need to know when doing light painting. Be sure to have a tripod. There is no other way to do light painting if it isn’t super stable. Baseline settings are ISO 200; f/11;  30″. To start, have the lights on to autofocus to lock focus on your subject, then turn lens focus to manual. Set your timer anywhere between 5-10 seconds to get yourself ready. Then start painting!






Light Painting Artist: Dave Black 

Halloween Photoshoot

It’s the time of year to do spooky things so why not do a Halloween photoshoot with your friends?

Taking the skills I’ve learned in the past is what inspired this photoshoot. Bringing only a few things like a tool and other clothing was all it took to take the photo.

Earlier that day, my friends and I did a scarecrow photoshoot as friends and so we took this as an opportunity to take some scary photos as well. We took these photos at the Corn Maze in Rexburg Idaho. All that was needed for this photo was a chair and a little editing. Shoutout to my babe Ashlyn Jones!


I tried to make this photo as creepy as I could. I watched a video on youtube (links below) on how to add some creepy effects. It all included add layers and using my brush tool. My girl Aubree slayed this shoot!



Photoshop Tutorials:

How to Get Horror Look Effect

How to Create a Smoke in Photoshop


Meet Maddie Fillmore

Image of Maddie Fillmore

Maddie has been doing photography for almost a year and is it her true passion. Being creative and getting out of your comfort zone is what Maddie loves about photography. She is currently a senior at BYU-Idaho studying Public Relations and will be graduating in April of 2020.

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